Welcome to the Slate Aircraft Company

Members of the Slate family have continued to be active in the rigid airship field since the original Slate Aircraft Company first opened in 1925, designing building rigid monoque airships.

The Slate Aircraft Corporation closed in the early 1930’s, a victim of the stock market crash and the great depression.  The company closed under bankruptcy and all company assets were sold in 1931 with the family then being employeed by the buyer, attempting to continue the business. Unfortunately, the depth of the great depression, the loss of the Hindenburg and other factors effectively sealed the fate of not only the Slate aircraft company, but all large rigid airships until recently.

Today, more than 85 years after formation of the original Slate Aircraft Company a new company, bearing the same name, and run by the same family has opened with three simple goals:

  1. To recognize and honor the technology and achievements of those who came before us.
  2. To provide a complete, single point historical reference of the Slate Aircraft Corporation.
  3. To promote and assist in the construction and operation of economically sustainable 20 to 300 ton payload capacity airships.